“A great dream can be achieved!”

Dedication, enthusiasm, excellence and effort are words that describe St. Patrick´s International School. 5 years ago, I wanted my dream to come true.

Building a school that covered a gap in Barcelona. Offering total immersion in English and believing in the potential and true personalization of each child at a better price. Open to the world of international programs and techniques.

5 years of outstanding effort and total dedication has brought St. Patrick's International School where activities such as yoga, Chinese, cooking, mindfulness, Montessori, dance, weekly reading/writing and music programs for optimal development in all learning areas.

Helping children has always been my vocation and passion. It makes me immensely happy to work side by side and see how children develop with excellence. Thank you to those of you who have made this dream possible and to those who have trusted me from the first day.

Gemma Izquierdo, St. Patrick’s International School Head and Founder


The multilingual school par excellence

We work every day to become the benchmark multilingual school in Barcelona, by being accessible, inclusive, multidisciplinary, with total immersion in English and the best international programs to enhance the skills of every child and generate the greatest number of synaptic connections possible.

St. Patrick’s is the answer to the need to innovate in the field of education by establishing in school the values of empathy, creativity, discovery, diversity, initiative and the motivation to learn.