Methods that enhance skills


We work to develop cognitive skills, such as kinaesthetic, language, mathematical, musical, inter-personal, intra-personal, visual and naturalist skills.




Jolly Phonics

We introduce reading to the children through this fun programme of phonemes and letters of the alphabet. This British method teaches phonemes through fun songs which involve the pupils mimicking and learning easily.

Intelligent Bits

Cultural vocabulary and maths help children to develop their memory, as well as their language and relationship skills.

Music Together

This is an American music programme which presents a series of musical concepts to develop with the children in a playful and fun way, using different musical instruments.





Montessori motivates and develops the children’s curiosity through sensory and experimentation activities involving pre-reading and maths. It enhances creativity and thought.

This involves actively listening to classical music by Mozart and Vivaldi with visual accompaniment.

Tomatis Method

We work with the renowned French Tomatis method. This method improves pupils’ concentration, attention, communication and behaviour, it facilitates the learning of languages and mitigates learning difficulties.

Suzuki method

We help to develop each child’s talents through fostering creativity, concentration, memory, motor coordination, self-esteem and the interaction of team work to harmonise body, mind and spirit through music.


The children are exposed to two sessions of Chinese each week. Chinese is a language whose sounds help to develop children’s vestibular system and certain areas of the brain, due to it being totally different from the Germanic and Romance languages which they are usually exposed to. 

Other weekly activities

Daily psychomotor learning, cooking, yoga, mindfulness, swimming, robotics, logic games and puzzles, plastic arts, linguistic expression and maths and science sessions complete our educational project.


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