Infant education: from 0 to 6 years


Pre-school in English

In the Infant Education phase, we have a golden opportunity to stimulate the boys and girls to generate the greatest possible number of synaptic connections. That is why our multilingual pre-school is the ideal choice for this stage of their lives.

It is at this time that their brain is in a state of maximum adaptability and development. We have selected the best international teaching methods so that the boys and girls become multilingual as early as the first few months of their lives, thus maximising their potential and developing skills such as strategic and problem-solving abilities, creativity, concentration, memory and psychomotor coordination.



We offer a happy, safe and stimulating environment so that all the boys and girls can increase their confidence and self-esteem every day.  Motivation and excitement in the learning process is the foundation for a successful and meaningful education.


Personal attention

We closely monitor every child’s personal and social development to ensure that they learn to interact in harmony and with respect, showing empathy towards others in a familiar environment. The boys and girls display unique and individual skills, abilities and interests which must be respected and stimulated.



Why limit our children? All our methods, techniques, activities, and resources are intended to stimulate creativity and enhance the initiative of every child.