Educational project

A NEW concept of LEARNING: maximise every child’s potential.  We follow the British Curriculum with total immersion in English and early stimulation. 


It has been demonstrated that multilingualism encourages synaptic connections as early as in the first few months of a child’s life. Here at St. Patrick’s, we work with innovative and multilingual teaching methods and a multidisciplinary approach based on the best programmes at an international level in order to provide boys and girls a comprehensive foundation for growth. We offer infant school taught in English in a privileged location in Barcelona.


The benefits of multilingualism

Besides being able to understand and communicate in English, it has been demonstrated that multilingualism is immensely beneficial to the development of every child.

Cognitive benefits, such as better selective attention, a greater ability to switch between tasks, better control over one’s own behaviour and better performance in classification and strategy exercises or in maths, are just some of the positive aspects of multilingualism, besides being able to understand and communicate in English.


Early stimulation

During the early stages of its development, our brain undergoes a process which scientists call “synaptic pruning”. The enormous natural abilities we are born with are shaped and moulded, dilated or limited by a process of constant interaction between internal biological processes and our real-life experiences in the world. Why limit our children?