Pre-Nursery and Early Years: de 0 to 5 years

In the Infant Education phase, we have a golden opportunity to stimulate the boys and girls to generate the greatest possible number of synaptic connections.

That is why our multilingual pre-school is the ideal choice for this stage of their lives.

It is at this time that their brain is in a state of maximum adaptability and development. We have selected the best international teaching methods so that the boys and girls become multilingual as early as the first few months of their lives, thus maximizing their potential and developing skills such as strategic and problem-solving abilities, creativity, concentration, memory and psychomotor coordination.


Mission for Early Years and Primary: From 3 to 12 years

Early Years and Primary

St. Patrick´s International School aims to offer a high-quality level and rigorous teaching system following the British Curriculum in order to challenge each child´s potential with a variety of the best methodologies and educational programs in the world and respecting each child´s development, character and abilities.