Our objective

St. Patrick´s International School will work to create intellectually confident learners by having very high standards and expectations to be achieved through our personalized approach to learning.


Early stimulation

We shall stimulate pupils to generate as many neuronal connections as possible to succeed in their own academic and personal life drawing on their strengths and personality.

We shall prepare our children to become multilingual and feel confident with the English language as well as Spanish, Catalan and the other languages offered at school.

We shall challenge our pupils through creativity and innovation, both in what and how we teach to high standard.


British Curriculum

We shall ensure that our pupils develop in all areas of the British curriculum by working to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills and their competences, which are essential to succeed in a daily challenging world and changing society. Our approach will be creative, inquiring and collaborative.

Through our school values we will encourage our pupils to become independent, creative thinkers and to learn effectively both alone and collaboratively.

We shall also motivate them to show respect for themselves, other people and the environment, take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices.


Personal, social and emotional development.

We shall prepare our pupils to understand their individual potential and feel proud to work continuously to succeed. This will enable them to become a perfect fit in their future global communities and improve conditions for their local society by developing a positive and effective approach.

We shall help them develop personally, socially and emotionally through enriching opportunities both inside and out of the classroom to orient our pupils and help them become critical, dedicated and capable of solving problems.

St. Patrick’s International School takes great care of both children as well as families. We believe children’s school education goes hand by hand with families to achieve individual success.